About Us

Picture of Rabbi Mendlowitz

The camp director, Rabbi Mendlowitz, has been a Rebbe at the Yeshiva of Greater Washington in Silver Spring for over 25 years, working with and inspiring Talmidim. Rabbi Mendlowitz has also been coordinating activities for the Middle and High School division for many years. He has many summers of camp experience both as head counselor, and camp director and is revered and loved by the children and teenagers in the community. In addition, weekly lectures in Torah and Hashkofo to adults and teens have earned Rabbi Mendlowitz a distinguished reputation in the Baltimore and Silver Spring areas.


To provide a most exhilarating and awesome summer, an experienced, responsible and caring staff of B'nei Torah has been selected. Our counselors consist of warm and responsible Yeshiva Bochurim. In addition, Rabbi Mendlowitz will work together with other Rebbiem who function as his assistants. Our staff includes individuals who are trained in CPR and first aid, as well as a lifeguard.



Who we are:


Campers have joined us from various cities throughout the United States and Canada. We have had representatives from Baltimore, Flatbush, Queens, Monsey, Lakewood, Silver Spring, Toronto, Cleveland, Miami, Atlanta, LA, Florida, Detroit, and Israel.



This exclusive program is designed for students over Bar Mitzvah through 17 years old. A limited enrollment will ensure that each camper receives proper attention and supervision.


If you have any questions feel free to call Rabbi Mendlowitz at:
Cell: 301-928-0646
Fax: 301-681-6018
or email: campmarabu@aol.com