June 28th - July 15th 2021 

A Summer Like No Other For The Mesivta Bochur


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As a Ben Torah & Eved Hashem

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Rabbi Raphael Mendlowitz

Rabbi Mendlowitz is the founder, and heart and soul, of Camp Marabu. For over twenty years Rabbi Mendlowitz has been inspiring bachurim by sharing his love of Hashem and His Creations when travelling out West. He has been a Rebbi at the Yeshiva of Greater Washington - Tiferes Gedaliah for over thirty years, working with and inspiring Talmidim in all grades and coordinates the Tefillah and Chessed programming.


Rabbi Elyakim Milikowsky

Rabbi Milikowsky is the Rosh Mesivta and ninth grade Rebbi at the Yeshiva of Greater Washington - Tiferes Gedaliah. In addition to his love for teaching and reaching Talmidim, he greatly enjoys spending time appreciating  HaKadosh Baruch Hu's world and hiking in the great outdoors. For the last several years he has combined these two passions by serving as the learning director at Camp Marabu. 

Rabbi Avi Weller

Rabbi Weller is currently the tenth grade Rebbe in Mesivta Birchas Yitzchak in Los Angeles. He was the tenth grade Rebbe in Yeshiva of Far Rockaway for the past seven years where he impacted scores of bochurim. He is known for his creativity, dedication, firm belief in every Talmid and for bringing an appreciation of Hashem's creation to the hearts of Talmidim. Rabbi Weller has held leadership positions in camps in the Catskills and abroad.    

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