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Moshe, Far Rockaway 

I had always heard about Niflaos HaBorei, but until summer in Marabu I had never experienced it and 'eino domeh shemiah lriah'

Shlomo, Dallas 

It was so difficult to sleep at night. Not because the accomodations weren't great but rather because I was so excited for what we would do the next day

Tzvi, Lakewood

Thanks for this super experience! Nobody does a camp like this. I learned a lot and saw incredible sights that I can apply to myself and my connection to Hashem.


Mrs. G, Miami Beach

My son had the most inspiring summer of his life. The memories will live with him forever.

Mr. & Mrs. K, Atlanta

This was the first summer our son was away from home. We couldn't have found a better program for him. Words cannot express the amazing time he had, the places he saw and the friendships he made.

Mr. & Mrs. R, Brooklyn

You have given our son something that will impact his life forever. His Tefilah and appreciation for the words of Dovid HaMelech are now part of his Neshama. Thank you!


Robert, Utah

I enjoyed meeting with you young men tonight. I can't tell you how friendly and polite the young men from your group were. They must have thanked me twenty times for my service as I was wearing a baseball cap with 'Retired Army' on it. Every one of the young men I spoke with today were impressive ambassadors for your faith.

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