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Imagine a camp that is based in some of the most beautiful parts of Hashem’s world. A place where Tefillah comes alive as each boy sees and feels the gadlus haBorei amid His awesome creation.

A makom Torah where Mesivta Rabbeim further the growth of talmidim as they learn each morning and evening.

A camp infused with superb ruach, singing, kumzitzes and the opportunity to make new friends with bnei aliyah from yeshivos across the country. A place for learning, growing and building self esteem and character. 

A camp where you will wade in the narrows of Zion Canyon, view the astounding beauty of Bryce and the majesty of the Grand Canyon. Where you'll see the geysers and wildlife of Yellowstone, bike in the shadows of the Grand Tetons and enjoy exhilirating hikes. A camp with whitewater rafting and canyoneering, motorboating, tubing and jeeping and many more amazing activities! 

This is not a dream

This is MARABU MESIVTA 2023 

Learn and Shteig

Each day begins with a two hour  morning seder and shiurim under the direction of Rabbi Milikowsky and concludes with night seder. Continue your shteiging as a ben Torah in a summer environment. 

Be Inspired

With his trademark ruach, Rabbi Mendlowitz guides the  Bochurim to deepen their appreciation of the wonders of Hashem's creations. The Briah itself, Vaadim, Kumzitzes combine for an unforgettable summer for a ben aliyah.

Explore and Adventure

Every day is a new adventure, with breathtaking scenery and exhilirating activities. 

Enjoy and Experience

Our luxurious properties are located in breathtaking locations and incorporate full amenities.  Enjoy fresh and delicious food.

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